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A specially developed technology,
matched exactly to your moulds.

Regularly cleaned tyre moulds last longer, saveing costs in the long term. We have developed the cleaning robot for automated cleaning and for direct on-line processing. The dry ice cleans the standard moulds quickly and thoroughly, not harming or damaging the material. The system does not have to be dismantled. As soon as the mould is clean, production can proceed seamlessly. Our highest priority is always our employee’s safety: with the help of this automated technology, our traned personnel will not be exposed to the curing press during the entire process, protecting them also from excessive noise.

Sidewall &

Our automated cleaning
reduces accidents and operating errors.

We place great emphasis on safety during the cleaning process and rely on the support of our cleaning robot. Driven by precisely automated technology, our CO2 robot is able to blast tyre moulds with dry ice autonomously. A trained worker operates the low-noise machine from a distance and thus maintains the necessary safety distance from the presses. No contact with heavy equipment, ergonomic work and noise protection - this is our contribution to the best possible safety at work.


An effective and gentle recipe
for clean moulds and vents.

Vents are indispensable for tyre production and must be cleaned carefully and thoroughly. We install the venting pins and place them in a gentle ultrasonic bath. Our environmentally friendly formula for the cleaning fluid works exceptionally effectively, removing even the most stubborn rubber deposits – resulting in clean vents that look as good as new. This procedure saves costs of investing in new and expensive acquisitions. To ensure that your moulds are always in top condition, we recommend an ultrasonic cleaning bath following each third cleansing with dry ice.


For a perfectly clean and safe working space, we first analyse your work areas and decide what would be the best cleaning method. In many cases dry ice is suitable for cleaning complex industrial systems. The dirt layer freezes quickly in a point-accurate way and gets easily seperated from the industrial surface.

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